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Here's a good thought

You Don't Need Complicated & Expensive

Simple Install

It's This Simple
- 1 Minute Retrofit
- Provision with your Phone
- Instant Confirmation
- Over the Air Updates

No Towers
No Cellular

- No New Infrastructure
- No Town Meetings
- No Telemetry Costs
- No Complicated Endpoints

Multiple Devices

- Connect up to 8 devices
- Pressure Sensors
- Shut Off Valves
-Water Quality
Subeca's Firmware makes it easy!

Easy Software

The Subeca Engage Platform is simple to use.
- iOS & Android
- SaaS Desktop
- Advanced Support

Build Flexible AMI

Imagine having an AMI deployment that you can install how you want and when you want
- Keep your good brass.
- No Crazy Install Contracts
- Multiple Comms

One More thought

Your AMI should be integrated IoT

Demand more from your AMI network....or if you are considering smart meter infrastructure.....look at the future and the future of AMI is Simple IoT.

Give yourself metering, leak detection, pressure sensing, compliance monitoring and more by building out a low-cost easy to install and manage AMI built on Subeca technology.

How it works

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Remove Your Old Register
1/4 turn of your legacy meter register is all it takes to get started.
2. Install the Subeca Pin
Add the adapter to match your meter and pop the Subeca Pin on. Secure with the locking screw.
3. Provision with Your Phone
No need for an additional tablet and installtion tech. You provision all Subeca devices from your phone - iOS or Android.
Another Thought from Subeca

Multiple Comms are here.

Give your water utility the most flexibility at the lowest cost by embracing the era of multichannel communications. Right now you have so many options to choose from and Subeca makes it easy. We have native functionality with the worlds largest and most secure IoT network - Amazon Sidewalk. As well has full connectivity with multiple LoraWan options as well is Bluetooth BLE.

Everyone likes to have options!