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We believe that your AMI
platform should do more
for you.

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Water Utilities have been locked out of advanced technology.


Of the US Population is covered by Amazon Sidewalk.


Number of IoT Devices you can connect to a Subeca Pin Smart Register.


Water Utilities like Free Telemetry.....the one guy never called us back.....
Who we are

If IoT and WaterTech met and had a baby.

Subeca has cultivated a team of leading IoT, Firmware, Communications, Cloud Computing and Recognized Experts in the Water Industry. They spend every day focused on building simple solutions for water utilities.

We have a philosophy that water technology doesn't have to be complicated and expensive. We believe that technology like advanced metering, leak detection and pressure monitoring should be available to all water utilities - regardless of size.

the team

Get'it Done Firepower

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Patrick Keaney
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Don Whitson
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Hank McCarrick
Founder and CSO
Renee Peet
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Matt Froncillo
VP of Engineering
Anne Mushow
"We are driven to meet the demands of the water utility with simple, easy to install, low-cost technology."

This is AMI...on steroids.
Patrick Keaney
CEO, Subeca
"It’s been really fun working with the team to build a full end-to-end IoT system. The Subeca platform is fully optimized for low power, long-life, distributed IoT devices over both local/edge networks and long range LPWAN tech"
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Matt Frocillo
VP of Engineering, Subeca
"From the onset of our technology journey, we have strived to enable water utilities and their customers to be engaged partners in water use efficiency. “Smart Water” Utilities and “Smart Water” Homes. Now it’s easy to achieve both."
Hank's colored photo
Hank McCarrick
Founder and CSO, Subeca