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Subeca BLINC

Amazon Sidewalk | Bluetooth | LoRa | Integrated | Network | Communication

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BLINC™ equips any new or existing water industry device with an IoT connection. This chip-down RF solution provides a cost-effective smart water device with Amazon Sidewalk, local (Bluetooth®) and long-range(LoRaWAN) connections to smartphones, tablets and the cloud. Hardware development is streamlined and easy—simply drop BLINC onto your PCB, connect to power and any number of device IOs (valve driver, pulsed meter, digital meter, GPIO), and ship it. The BLINC module comes ready to deploy with pre-built firmware that connects to the Subeca Engage software eco-system. With powerful applications for manufacturing, testing, deployment, setup, and a full suite of customer-facing user interfaces, you can enjoy the benefits of a cutting-edge product without the engineering labor. Reduce time-to-market and enhance your product’s communication capabilities so you can focus on your company’s specialties instead of IoT expertise.

Enter the world of IoT in a BLINC.