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Subeca PIN

Subeca Pin™ is a Sidewalk/LoraWan/Bluetooth enabled smart water meter register. It is a key component to the Subeca Water Management System

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The Subeca Pin replaces the current registers on existing water meters, or is installed with new water meters from just  about any  manufacturer. Using Bluetooth 5, the Subeca Pin transmits high resolution meter readings every 900 milliseconds. This initiates a Subeca Edge Network where real time water information is needed. This Subeca Edge Network can feed Subeca Engage applications running on mobile devices. Compliments of the water utility, customers become truly engaged with them and attain an unprecedented understanding of their water use habits. The Subeca solution can use Amazon Sidewalk for free backhaul telemetry, seeded by the Subeca Pin, we provide water use detail unattainable through simple AMI .To satisfy the needs of the water utility, the Subeca Pin transmission is received by the Subeca Link another component in the Subeca Smart Water Management System. The Subeca Link then transmits the data to the water utility over a LoRaWan long distance network.