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Subeca PIN™ Bluetooth Meter Registers are the Core Data Collection Component in the Subeca Water Management System.
Subeca LINK is an optional device that receives data from the PIN and other agency-deployed IoT devices.
Subeca ACT™ is a Bluetooth 5 LE wireless ball valve that will open, restrict or close upon command from a Bluetooth-capable mobile device or through Subeca LINK™.
The Subeca Blinc Module is the brains of the Subeca product line and includes an application processor, Bluetooth Low Energy module and LoRa module.
Engage Agency
The Subeca Engage Agency Dashboard provides agency team members with a comprehensive tool to assist in managing everthing from consumer data to water system analytics.
Engage Customer
Subeca Engage Customer Interface & App offers a new level of water use awerness and self -management empowered to water utility customers.

IoT for Water Utilities

Subeca Devices are the access point for your metering, network monitoring and compliance needs.

20 Year
Battery Life
800 yd+
LoRa Range
15 Minute
True 15 minute meter reads
1 Platform
Software that runs on all your devices
Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Sidewalk Work?
Sidewalk-enabled devices: Amazon Sidewalk is supported by specific Amazon devices, such as certain Echo smart speakers and select Ring devices like certain doorbell models and security cameras. These devices act as Sidewalk Bridges.

Sidewalk Bridge: A Sidewalk Bridge is a Sidewalk-enabled Amazon device that connects to your home Wi-Fi network. This device is responsible for creating and maintaining the Sidewalk network within its range.

Sidewalk network: The Sidewalk Bridge creates a small-scale, low-power network using Bluetooth and 900 MHz radio frequencies to communicate with nearby Sidewalk-enabled devices.

Shared network: The unique aspect of Amazon Sidewalk is that it allows nearby Sidewalk Bridges to share a portion of their internet bandwidth with compatible Sidewalk-enabled devices owned by other people. This sharing is done in a secure and encrypted manner, and the maximum bandwidth that can be used for Sidewalk is capped to prevent significant impacts on your internet connection.
How is this different from traditional AMI
Subeca is different from traditional AMI in several ways. First off - is the most obvious - Subeca gives you the option of free telemetry. The saves the average utility on capital costs to build expensive and unsightly towers and gateways. For those that are considering cellular - Subeca saves on the expensive cellular backhaul costs.

In addition to cost savings, Subeca is not simply an AMI system but we provide a fully operational IoT network. You can connect up to 8 IoT devices to a Subeca device and get free backhaul functionality.

We think you will see that its a pretty revolutionary platform for water utilities.
How can I try Subeca?
In August of 2023, Subeca will announce the launch of a program where water utilities in the United States will be allowed to participate in the Explorer Kit Program. If you are interested, click here you can register for participation in that program. You will receive an email in the coming weeks on how to purchase.
What Meters does Subeca Work with?
Subeca currently works with 90% of water meters deployed in the United States and over 80% of meters deployed globally. Which Subeca device you need depends on what type of meter you have. Please check our Resources page for more detailed information or chat with Susan or Rebecca our two chatbots that can assist you in determining what product best fits your utility.
Can Homeowners use the Engage App?
Subeca Engage™ Customer Interface & App offers a new level of water use awareness and self-management empowerment to water utility customers. Tracking water use and costs throughout each day helps customers better understand how their water habits directly impact their water bills. Customer or default alerts, a direct communications line to the water utility, and the ability to control water with the Subeca Act valve provide tools that truly put customers in control. Go ahead, say goodbye to surprise high bills and property damage from catastrophic leaks!
How complicated is it to install?
Subeca is simple to install.
For most meters its as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Remove Your Old Register
1/4 turn of your legacy meter register is all it takes to get started.

2. Install the Subeca Pin
Add the adapter to match your meter and pop the Subeca Pin on. Secure with the locking screw.

3. Provision with Your Phone
No need for an additional tablet and installtion tech. You provision all Subeca devices from your phone - iOS or Android.