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Subeca LINK

The Subeca Link combines Amazon Sidewalk, Bluetooth and LoRa wireless standards to provide multifunctionality to your water metering needs.

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Combining the value of AMI with the flexibility and scalability of IoT, the Subeca Link allows water utilities to reap the huge benefits of hardened, high-security open networks. Subeca Link is an optional hub for directing Subeca Pin data to the Subeca Engage Platform. Subeca Link can also receive commands from Subeca Engage, including instructions to Subeca Act valves to shut off or turn on water. Subeca Link is a versatile IoT hub that, while supporting Subeca Series products such as Subeca Pins, also communicates to any water meter with a pulsed output or direct encoder read. Each Subeca Link can communicate with up to five Subeca Pins and control up to four Subeca Act valves.