Register today for the Subeca Explorer Kit

Secure. Ubiquitous. Free.
That's right. The Amazon Sidewalk network is all that, and more. It's an invitation to reimagine IoT communications at scale. So we did.

Changing the Equation for Water Utilities
We didn’t just stop at free communications. We made our water AMI solution so easy and cost effective to install that you can deploy it on your own
terms, with your own teams.

Finally, an AMI solution for every water utility, regardless of size. No complicated contracts, no complex deployment, and did we mention the free

And last, but not least, the Subeca PIN is more than an amazing eregister for an integrated AMI solution. It’s a fully functional IoT gateway with the power
to add edge capabilities.

Sound good?
Easy access and affordability is the idea behind this limited time program, offering 3 PINs and free use of the Engage platform and mobile app to qualifying utilities.

Register today to purchase our Explorer Kit for a limited time, discounted rate of $450.

If your meter is not shown, or you are an engineering or consulting firm, please register with “Not Listed” as your meter type and a member of our team will contact you on how to set up a program that meets your needs.